We are a not for profit group who are a small group of Hackney parents that were TRYING all different methods to teach their little ones how to ride a bike in parks and other open spaces free from hazards due to our living environments.

My son had been zooming around confidently after grandad bought him his first bike, as it was going so well I decided it was time to remove the stabilisers. Once we removed them It was a whole different story, after weeks of carrying the bike around and having nowhere to store his bike at home, I admit I abandoned it for a while until I discovered Balanceability whilst on holiday at Butlins. The bike buzz was reawakened!

Learning in a group and in such a fun way meant that my son was racing around smiling instead of having tantrums and getting frustrated listening to me, he was racing around with the coach and listening perfectly, I couldn’t believe it!

Once he was riding confidently I realised that was the easy part, once he gained confidence and now wanted to ride to school, the supermarket, the park and other local places. We were faced with a whole new challenge of uneven surfaces, pedestrians, hazards and roads which they then become somewhat distracted by! We all live to tell some pretty entertaining stories!

We decided that a simulated environment with real life hazards would be perfect for little ones in training!

Recent Events

Finsbury Park festival of cycling and walking 2017

  • 100% of children and parents surveyed rated our session as excellent
  • 100% of children surveyed loved our equipment
  • 100% of children surveyed loved our play road