The Play-Road encourages safe pop-up play that teaches young children basic road awareness as a pedestrian, a cyclist and how to use our pavements and roads wisely which keeps the whole community safe.

Our main aim is to expose large audiences to cycling

  • Safe pop-up play delivered in streets parks, playgrounds, estates, community spaces and leisure centres.
  • Reaches large audiences promoting cycling, well-being and socialisation
  • Working with Hackney participants in 2018
  • Funded by TFL via Cycle Grants London


“Our children at Millfileds Children’s Centre learn to ride/cycle with Natalie on a weekly basis. They thoroughly enjoy the sessions, especially the play road that promotes basic road safety. The mock zebra crossings, traffic lights and other ‘road’ resources really prepare them for when they go out / eventually go out on their bikes with their parents.

The parent feedback has been extremely positive – all citing how much their children’s confidence and competence has improved. The staff at the Centre feel that this programme also greatly enhances the children’s health and well-being”

Children’s Centre Manager


Play-Road will be going on tour over the next three years hosting a one off event in each London borough to promote pop-up group cycling.